Large Diameter Premium Supply Hose

  • Superior efficiency on the fireground – delivering more GPM with lowest friction loss.
  • Hose will not burst catastrophically even with a ½” diameter hole through both the jacket and liner.
  • Nitrile rubber cover greatly increases abrasion resistance, provides long service life.
  • Smooth inner liner reduces friction loss to a minimum.
  • Compact and flexible for improved packability.
  • Underwriters Laboratories listed.
  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” diameter supply lines.

The original Angus Hi-Vol, the standard by which all other large diameter supply hose is measured. Often imitated, never duplicated. Hi-Vol is as compact, and as durable as they come, with the ability to flow more GPM than competing large diameter hoses. Hi-Vol also offers superior abrasion resistance to that of the competition…all while offering maximum resistance to impact, punctures and cuts. One of the greatest advantages of Hi-Vol is its UL Listing. The UL Listing is your assurance that you are getting the best large diameter supply hose available. UL labeled hose third party tested by an independent UL inspector. Hi-Vol provides exceptional performance and exceeds NFPA 1961 standard.