High-Rise Fire Hose

  • Improved friction loss over conventional jacketed hose.
  • Outstanding kink resistance.
  • Lightweight handling and enhanced maneuverability.
  • Hose will not burst catastrophically even with a ½” diameter hole through both the jacket and liner.
  • Withstands a surface temperature of 1200°F to -37°F.
  • Chemical resistant Nitrile rubber cover protects from exposure to water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils and grease.
  • Exceptional heat resistance.
  • Available in 1½”, 1¾”, 2” line and 2½” big flow line, ideal for master stream operations.

High-rise fire fighting has unique tactical and equipment requirements. While weight is important, functionality and ease of use are far more important. A hose failure in a high rise environment just cannot happen. Engineered by Angus, Hi-Power high rise hose is an ultra lightweight, kink resistant municipal fire hose. Hi-Power is guaranteed to meet specified burst pressure and is fully compliant with NFPA 1961 standard.