Hi-Combat II

Ultimate Aggressive Interior Fire Hose

  • Improved kink resistance and ease of drag make the hose easier to operate and pull during attack operations.
  • Abrasion resistant outer jacket.
  • Will not burst catastrophically even with a ½” diameter hole through both the jacket and liner.
  • Can withstand a surface temperature of 1000°F for a minimum of 45 seconds, at a static pressure of 100 psi.
  • Cold resistant to at least -36°F.
  • Chemical resistant liner protects from contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils and grease.
  • Ideal for master stream operations and high rise fire fighting.

Hi-Combat II fire hose sets the standards for excellence and technology in fire hose products designed to make fire fighting safer and more efficient. Hi-Combat II is more flexible and has a higher burst pressure than traditional attack lines. Hi-Combat II was designed to address situations where the interior attack hose is used as a lifeline. With high visibility material woven right into the hose, firefighters can follow the ‘Exit’ and ‘Arrows’ to safety. Hi-Combat II 2½” provides big flows supporting master streams and portable monitors. With all the benefits of traditional Hi-Combat including reduced friction loss, better abrasion resistance and better puncture resistance it is the ideal big line for high rise fire fighting.