Armour Guard

Heavy Duty Discharge Hose

  • Improved friction loss over conventional jacketed hose.
  • High pressure capability featuring 200-300 psi working pressure.
  • Compact, lightweight and flexible, ideally suited for fire fighting and other demanding industrial applications.
  • Requires minimum storage space. No drying or racking required.
  • Maintains flexibility for the life of the hose and will not crack, mildew or rot.
  • Exceptional heat resistance as exhibited in the BS 6391 Hot Cube Test.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • Resists fuels, oils and a wide range of chemicals.

Angus Armour Guard is a lay-flat, flexible water discharge hose that combines the lightweight, compact features of a unique Nitrile PVC blend with enhanced durability and abrasion resistance as compared to conventional rubber hose. Armour Guard features a unique one piece, through-the-weave construction, and attains its exceptional working pressure from a synthetic woven textile. Its excellent durability is derived from a high-tensile rubber compound, which completely encases a high performance inner jacket.