Hi-Combat Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes

These branchpipes produce medium expansion foam which is effective in a wide range of fires involving flammable liquids and solids. Fabricated in stainless steel the units are tough, lightweight and compact, fitting easily into fire appliance lockers. They produce long throws of a coherent foam stream at low pressures and the high volume of foam produced gives rapid coverage over a large area but with minimum water usage. This makes them ideal for rapid foam cover in outdoor situations or for enclosed fires where total flooding with foam is possible.

The Branchpipes are matched to Angus Foam Uniductors. The MEX 225U matches the Angus UNI-225 Inductor and the MEX 450U matches the Angus UNI 450 Inductor.

Angus foam concentrates produce stable high performance, medium expansion foams when used with MEX Branchpipes and MEX Pourers.

MEX Branchpipes/Pourers are also suitable for use in fixed systems.