Hi-Combat Mini Turbex

The Angus Fire Hi-Combat Mini Turbex is a rapidly deployed, first aid high expansion foam generator.  It produces up to 100 cubic metres (3,500 cu.ft) of foam bubbles per minute. With the optional special re-inforced smoke ducting, it can also be used for rapid smoke extraction (SX), positive pressure ventilation and removal of foam once the fire is extinguished.

The Hi-Combat Mini-Turbex generator is ideally suited to applications in a wide range of industries including Municipal Fire Brigades, Military, Ships engine rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds, mining applications and total flooding of basements, flammable liquid stores, cable ducts and control of vapour releases of toxic and flammable liquid spills in general industrial applications. It is also suited to outdoor situations where fuel spillages may occur, or a rapid flowing foam is required.

The Mini Turbex is robust and lightweight for portable use and can be quickly operated by just one firefighter, complementing larger output units like the Turbex high expansion generators.  Hi-Combat Mini-Turbex generators are also compact, neatly sized to fit into a fire vehicle locker as standard equipment.