Global Structure

Angus Fire is part of Angus International Safety Group, which is dedicated to fire safety worldwide. These include Angus Fire, National Foam and Eau et Feu.

Angus Fire has customers in over 100 countries spread over a wide range of sectors including major oil and petrochemical companies, international airports, military bases, power stations, harbours and ports, and local authority fire and rescue services.

Angus Fire Ltd’s head office is located in Bentham, United Kingdom.

Angus Fire’s North American manufacturing plant is based in Angier, North Carolina.

National Foam is the recognized leader in foam firefighting technology. Its foam concentrates and delivery systems and engineered solutions have brought groundbreaking innovation to the professional firefighting industry for more than 200 years.

Eau et Feu, located at Reims, is the largest fire hose and foam manufacturer in France.

Together, Angus International Safety Group forms a powerful force in global firefighting, which it is committed to maintain through professional research and development, design and manufacture.