Angus Fire has maintained its position at the forefront of fire protection technology through continuous investment in research and development. A unique combination of technical expertise, from sources stationed all over the globe, allow Angus Fire to produce fire safety technology of the quality and reliability professional firefighters expect and deserve.

An excellent example of this approach is Hi-Combat II, the most versatile attack line available today. A tough through-the-weave rubber hose combined with a slick Nylon/Polyester outer jacket give Hi-Combat II incredible performance capabilities. It offers a burst pressure and kink resistance that is higher than traditional attack lines and is the only hose on the market with Identi-Fire markings on the hose. Identi-Fire allows the user to special order attack lines with the department or company name woven into the jacket. All Hi Combat II comes standard with high visibility exit arrows, working pressure, and date of manufacture woven into the outer jacket.

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